Letter to the ICC, Museveni’s genocide in Luwero

Save the Great Lakes Region People from Extinction Action Group UK

International criminal court
Office of the prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague


In March 1979 Yoweri Museveni, Salim Saleh, Fred Rwigyema gave orders to the field commander of FRONASA, Eriya Mwine (better known as Chefe Ali), to go and kill 250 people in Mbarara mosque. The killing they claimed was the revenge of Ugandans against Muslims for their suffering under Amin.

In June 1979 Yoweri Museven as a minister of defence in Uganda National Liberation Front government ordered soldiers to shoot demonstrators with live bullets and killed 1,000 people and wounded thousands.

On the 6th February 1981 Museven declared a civil war in Uganda which was in Buganda region in the area which was known as Luwero triangle. He was not liked by the people of that area because of his record of killing Ugandans when he was in the Uganda National Liberation Front government which over threw Idi Amin’s government in April 1979.

He developed a strategy which they used in Tanzania to come and kill Ugandans in Uganda then go back to Tanzania and put the blame to Idi Amin’s government and army.

When they started the war in Luwero triangle they physically went during the night in the Ugandan National Liberation Army uniforms (which was the Uganda government army) and attacked the people killed as many as they could with hoes and pangas and in the morning they put the blame on the Ugandan army.

By doing this the people in the areas started to support them. This kind of killing went on and on until the war was finished in 1986 January. It seems the people who have filed this petition to the ICC were keeping records or they saw records because the details are too organised.

The list of places and the Number of people killed by Museveni and his senior officers is as follows.


  • In March 1981, 5,000 people were killed by Museveni’s Popular Resistance Army at a place called Bukomero.
  • In April 1981 8,000 people were killed in Kiboga.
  • In May 1981 3,000 people were killed in Busunja.
  • In June 1981 the Popular Resistance Army changed its name to the National Resistance Army and that month they killed 1,500 at a place called Kalege.
  • In July July the NRA killed 4,000 at Kapeka.
  • In August 1981 the NRA killed 5,000 at Nakaseke.
  • In September 1981 the NRA killed 6,000 people at Wobulenzi.
  • In October 1981 the NRA killed 4,000 people at Bowa.
  • In November 1981 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Semyungu.
  • In December 1981 the NRA killed 1,000 people at Katalekamese.
  • In January 1982 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Migadde.
  • In February 1982 the NRA killed 1,500 people at Kasaga.
  • In March 1982 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Kuffu.
  • In April 1982 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Kyajinja.
  • In May 1982 the NRA killed 1,000 people at Kimuli.
  • In June 1982 the NRA killed 2,500 people at Kyererezi.
  • In July 1982 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Kabogwe.
  • In August 1982 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Kirema.
  • In September 1982 the NRA killed 1,500 people at Kadunda.
  • In October 1982 the NRA killed 1,000 people at Bukalabi.
  • In November 1982 the NRA killed 1,000 people at Kikerege.
  • In December 1982 the NRA killed 1,500 people at Bunyiri.
  • In January 1983 the NRA killed 15,000 people in Luwero town.
  • In February 1983 the NRA killed 10,000 at Ngoma.
  • In March 1983 the NRA killed 5,000 people at Wakyatto.
  • In April 1983 the NRA killed 4,000 people at Kakoge.
  • In May 1983 the NRA killed 5,000 people at Bamugorodde.
  • In June 1983 the NRA killed 6,000 people at Kikyusa.
  • In July 1983 the NRA killed 7,000 people at Semutto.
  • In August 1983 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Timina.
  • In September 1983 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Kikandwa.
  • In October 1983 the NRA killed 4,000 people at Lubwama.
  • In November 1983 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Watuba.
  • In December 1983 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Waluleta.
  • In January 1984 the NRA killed 1,000 people at Buyuki.
  • In February 1984 the NRA killed 1,500 people at Kiwomya.
  • In March 1984 the NRA killed 9,000 people at Katugo.
  • In April 1984 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Nabisojjo.
  • In May 1984 the NRA killed 11,000 at Lwampanga.
  • In June 1984 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Muwangazima.
  • In July 1984 the NRA killed 4,000 people at Nsakaziragura.
  • In August 1984 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Kyaka Munyweri.
  • In September 1984 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Biduku.
  • In October 1984 the NRA killed 4,000 people at Ndejje.
  • In November 1984 the NRA killed 3,000 people at Kalule.
  • In December 1984 the NRA killed 2,000 people at Tebalyara.
  • In January 1985 the NRA killed 1,000 at Degeya.
  • In February 1985 the NRA killed 1,500 at Kyangato.
  • In March 1985 the NRA killed 200 people at Kibito/Rubona in Kabarole district.
  • In April 1985 the NRA killed 100 people at Rwimi/Kyanga in Kabarole district.
  • In May 1985 the NRA killed 200 people in Fort Portal.
  • In June 1985 the NRA killed 50 people in Bundibugyo district.
  • In July 1985 the NRA killed 20 people in Hima in Kasese district.
  • In August 1985 the NRA killed 30 people in Rugendabala.
  • In September 1985 the NRA killed 100 people in Kasese.
  • In October 1985 the NRA killed 150 people in Bushenyi.
  • In November 1985 the NRA killed 300 people in Mbarara.
  • In December 1985 the NRA killed 500 people in Masaka.
  • In January 1986 the NRA killed 2,000 in Kampala.

By the end of the war on January 26, 1986 in Buganda region (Luwero Triangle) alone (1,500,000) one million and a half people were killed another one million people were displaced forever.

Property worth millions of pounds, were destroyed in the most richest part of the country where coffee the main cash crop is grown. Both Museveni and his above named senior officer were totally responsible and the Uganda National Liberation Front government mainly Milton Obote, Gen Tito Okello, Gen Bazirio, Oralla Okello, Brig David Oyite Ojok, Brig Smith Opon Acak, Paulo Muwanga and senior army officers of the Uganda National Liberation Army were all responsible and should all be brought into this court of justice and charged with massacre, murder, genocide and torture.


  • In 1981 Museveni, Salim Saleh, David Tinyefuza, Muhwezi, John Mugume, Julius Ayine and Jack Muchunguzi killed commander Ahmed Seguya the first National Resistance Army commander in Bulemezi.
  • In 1982 commander Kagwa, commander Zirimiti, commander Sewanyana, commander Mulodo were all killed by the National Resistance Army high command composed of Museveni, Salim Saleh, Fred Rwigyema, Paul Kagame, David Tinyefuza, Mugisha Muntu, Elly Tumwine, Jim Muhwezi, Kahinda Otafiire, Kizza Besigye and Al Hajji Moses Kigongo.
  • In 1984 commander Musisi Kalampenge, and commander Sabata were killed by the same NRA high command.
  • On the April 30, 1985 Fred Rwigyema, Mugisha Muntu, Paul Kagame, Jim Muhwezi, Kizza Besigye and Al Hajji Moses Kigongo massacred 81 younger soldiers of promising leadership qualities from Buganda region at the Rwenzori mountains and buried their bodies.
  • On the January 25, 1986 Salim Saleh killed Captain George Nkwanga the leader of the Uganda Federal Democractic Movement (FEDEMU). All along the NRA has been deceiving Ugandans that George Nkwanga was killed by Lt. Gen. Bazillio Okello!
  • On March 6, 1987 Museveni, Mugisha Muntu the director of military intelligence of the NRA, Paul Kagame deputy director Military Intelligence National Resistance Army, Jim Muhwezi director of Internal Security Organisation, Elly Kayanja, Fred Makanga Bogere, Lt. Col. Moses Drago Nyanzi, Maj Byemaro, Lt. Byakanira Ntungamu, Lt. Lucien Kasigazi Mwana and Sgt Geofrey Bunanukye killed Dr Andrew Lutankome Kayira the fighter and leader of the Uganda Freedom Movement
  • In 1987 Museveni, David Tinyefuza, Salim Saleh, Mugisha Muntu, and Brig Mathias Kyaligonza killed 200 officers and men of the Uganda Freedom Movement and Uganda Federal Democratic Movement and burnt their bodies in train wagons in Tororo district.
  • In 1987 Museveni and his high command mentioned before formed an intelligence organisation called the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) led by his most loyal friend Brig Jim Muhwezi to deal with threats either from the army, politicians or civilians. It was given every necessary weapons to use in its operations and all the techniques they need to cover up anything they do so that it is not found out.

This organisation has killed Ugandans and other people in the countries of the Great Lakes region where they have been involved in causing trouble. They have used cyanide poison to kill the people unnoticed. They have kept people in (safe houses) known as unacknowledged and illegal places of detention where people are kept to die of hunger and starvation.They also use plain clothes personal to locate those they want to kill and chase them during broad daylight claiming that they are thieves and the public catches them and beat them to death. They also kill people and put them in vehicles which they make to look like they have been involved in car accidents. This organisation ISO has killed very many people every year since it was formed in 1987, and it is estimated that 100,000 people are killed each year by this organisation alone.


  • In 1991 Museveni ordered his ISO to kill Al Hajji Musa Njuki who was accusing Museveni and his government of killing the people in the great lakes region.

    Al Hajji Musa Njuki was the editor of Shariat new paper which was writing about all the crimes Museven and his army were committing to the people of the great lakes region.

  • On the December 9, 1999 Museven killed 365 fighters of the Uganda Freedom Movement, Uganda Federal Democratic Movement and the Allied Democratic Force who were detained at Katojo prison indefinitely.

    The French defence attache Col Alain Caplain and the British High Commission defence adviser Lt. Col Charles Thomas OBE visited the scene where the killings took place.

  • In March 2000 the Internal Security Organisation collected more than 10,000 bodies of the people they had killed in the safe houses also known as unacknowledged and illegal places of detention and put them in a church in Kanungu which was used by the believers who followed Pastor Joseph Kibwetere a friend of the NRM government and burnt the church with the dead bodies in it.

    They claimed to the out side world especially the western European media which always support Museveni’s version of events that the believers burnt themselves but when the people checked the bodies they found out that some of the bodies had bullet wounds others strangled and others died of starvation and hunger this was a cover up as the NRM policy of massacring people and cover up.

  • In 2002 Museveni with his high command formed another killing squad in addition to the Internal Security Organisation called Operation Wembley led by his old notorious murderer since 1981 in the Luwero Triangle massacres Col Elly Kayanja.

This squad was composed of brutal and ruthless criminals whom Museveni trained to eliminate his political opponents this squad have killed thousands of people every year since it was formed and claimed that it is killing thieves who carry guns.

Relatives of those who have been killed have tried to reason with the authorities to show the proof they have which led to their killings but the authorities as usual have instead threatened to kill the relatives.

This squad like the Internal Security Organization is above the laws of Uganda and only answerable to Lt. Gen. Museveni alone. Since 1986 when the National Resistance Movement came into power the people of the great lakes region have faced brutality intimidation and lived in fear of the cruel regime of Yoweri MusevenI and his Army National Resistance Army (Uganda Peoples Defence Force) in Northern Uganda Southern Sudan and Eastern Uganda people have never lived in peace even a single day.

Museveni created first Alice Lakwena whom he claimed to fight his National Resistance Army government from 1986 to 1989. And from 1989 – 2007 he created Joseph Kony of the Lords Resistance Army and created the rebels of the Lords Resistance Army from his own army senior officers and intelligence personnel from military intelligence and Internal Security Organization to torture kill displace rape and cause misery to the people of Northern Uganda Southern Sudan and Eastern Uganda for twenty one years.

Nobody can stop Museveni in the great lakes region from torturing and massacring the people unless the international courts intervene and call Yoweri Museveni to answer for the crimes he had committed to the people of the Great Lakes.

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11 Responses to Letter to the ICC, Museveni’s genocide in Luwero

  1. Netamidwa says:

    Thanks for your dedicated research, how long will this man torture our mindset?

  2. I am pround of you writing to the ICC and the details included in your letter. I would anger you to include his involvement in the Rwanda genocide 1994-95 and his involvement in the DRC genocide! All evidence that you need is in HRW and AI reports. Do not ignore Dr Olara Otuunu’s paper on genocide in northern Uganda. Also remember the global power brokers have stopped us or diverted the focus of ICC especially during the times when we seriously knocked the doors of this court; it later transpired that the Uganda government was sueing Kony at the ICC to take the attention away from itself. Note again in all the history of Uganda there has never been a government so corrupt like the NRM and has caused the greatest lose of life in the great lake of East Africa. I encourage you do more research and record all activities and photographic/video evidence of what is happening in Uganda today. For God and my Country.

    Global Peace Policy Research bureau

  3. Fred Mbaga says:

    I have no comment,but i just wanna tell you that i lost my perant in that war,which means am homeless! anyway am asking can anyone,can be my perant?becoase i wanna know the love of perant !!god blees you.

  4. muliika francis says:

    so now guys what is the way forward because according to the way things are moving, it seems there more people to die if precautions are not taken, it amazing to see that people in luwero still vote for him.

  5. how many ugandans will have to die before something is done…..?!

  6. Samuel Devos says:

    Ohhhh… come off it matey!!! I understand you may not like Museveni and clearly de taste his ways but these suedo consipiracies are way too ridiculous to be substantiated, come on, don’t let tribalism blind you brother !!! i don’t doubt that he is capable of some of what you mentioned, like the issues in the north etc, however i strongly doubt that he could have master minded all those incidents, No way ,he is not that clever and he hasn’t got the means, Please note that am NOT on his side….you have to look at this reasonably…. Today, the whole of Africa is under the wests control USA,UK etc… it has been that way since colonial times, these little country managers like President Museveni are all being supported by these big countries who have serious business agendas and can only benefit if we are all side tracked into turmoil so they can plunder our natural resources. Its widely known that the west fills the pockets of the elite few of the so called African leaders, they in turn aid them into plundering our lands into poverty by keeping us blind and pre occupied in these tribalistic issues!!! even when an african leader grows a conscience after realizing how they’ve fucked their country and their reputation and stops listening to their western master minds, the response is usually the same, they simply tarnish their little credibility, and since most of them are already hated by one tribe or the MASTER’S victory comes easy, we readily and hopefully accept another chosen little leader who 9 out of 10 turns out to be just as greedy and unprogressive as the previous, this has been our song across Africa. but we are still focused on tribal issues!! thats what they WANT!
    Am a strong believer that before we can really govern ourselves, we must look at these issues, if we cant evolve and think nationally like all the parasite nations that host on our natural resources USA,UK etc) we will stay this way until our people cannot even afford water to drink..and we will still be talking about tribal issues, while the real issues that matter are being executed right beneath our eyes…just a thought

  7. nga says:

    The article is full of inaccuracies, for example,Kasagga- a small village on the Nakasekke-Kapeeka road is not even 5000 people now how come they managed to kill 1500 almost 29 years ago? Some people were killed under mysterious circumstances but certainly not that number.My count puts it at 25! I can list them…to whoever killed them only God knows the truth!But the NRA bush war was the cause…

  8. nga says:

    Addendum…and you did not mention the nearby Kyamutakasa,more people lost their lives there in the nearby magaga forest..makayi,mijinje,mulule,lwetuunga, namusaale etc all turned into killing fields, was it on the hands of the NRA or UNLA? The number here is bigger than most places am sure.Research more.

  9. franco says:

    I don’t like Museveni and his regime but I also hate distorted and misleading information. Next time, remember to do your research, particularly on the rebellion in the north, before resorting to fictions.

  10. the war saved ugandans though some people died.

  11. de Balzini says:

    Chilling claims these.
    I ask through. Are these just estimates, rounded-off or absolute numbers? Why did Museveni and his army/security agencies kill in round figures that end with zeros – 3000, 5000, 30, 250, all the time, not 311 or 17 or 59 or 2571? For anyone schooled in simple investigations or research, this is questionable. That’s the first flaw that makes these claims look ridiculous.
    What’s the response of ICC to these accusations?

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